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7 Most Expensive Body Part Insurance


Having a beautiful and perfect body is the main capital for most celebrities of the world, to keep awake and be protected from things that are not desirable, insuring their bodies into the solution some of these celebrities.

This is the seventh most expensive insurance of the body parts.


7. Rihanna

Body insurance Rihanna legs Body Insurance of Rihanna: 1 Million U.S. Dollars Feet Insured

Body Insurance of Rihanna: 1 Million U.S. Dollars Feet Insured is about 1 million U.S. dollars body insurance of Rihanna for her feet insured. A year after the ad contract ends with Mariah Carey, Gillette chose rock & blues singer Rihanna as the star of their new ad. In 2007, that famous razor company convinced that Rihanna’s legs was the most beautiful in the world, and therefore they chose Rihanna as the Gillette ad star.


But, this time Gillette seems to have more intelligent, because for Rihanna’s legs that company enough to insure with only 1 million U.S. dollars insurance coverage. That body insurance of Rihanna contract given after Rihanna was awarded Celebrity Legs of a Goddess, alias the owner of shapely legs like an angel, in 2007.

Good Girl Gone Bad singer, Rihanna, deserved with that title, because at that time she was the star that is shining at the age of 19 years. So, naturally if her legs are still very slim and beautiful, and make her got body insurance by Gillette. But in fact, until now, legs and feet of Rihanna, who was born on February 20, 1988 still remains enchanting.

Rihanna 2011 body insurance Body Insurance of Rihanna: 1 Million U.S. Dollars Feet Insured


How to get legs of Rihanna, body insurance

Then how Rihanna gain and maintain her beautiful legs so make her got body insurance by Gillette? Apparently Rihanna diligent physical training, especially with routine favorite gymnastics to do at home, as follows:

  1. Lunge exercises to train the muscles of the upper and lower thigh.
  2. Exercises to strengthen the back of the thigh muscles.
  3. Rihanna is also doing cardio in the form of running or jogging, which is the most effective way to burn fat.

Rihanna started the exercise by combining one minute of run with a two minute of walk. Then, the dark-skinned woman, Rihanna, gradually increasing the duration of her training to the professional level. That was the body insurance of Rihanna: 1 million U.S. dollars feet insured.

Rihanna legs 2011 body insurance Body Insurance of Rihanna: 1 Million U.S. Dollars Feet Insured


6. Heidi Klum

Insuring her right leg of U.S. $ 2.2 million and insuring her left leg of U.S. $ 1 million. This difference is because there is a small wound on the left leg Klum.


5. America Ferrera

Insuring teeth of U.S. $ 10 million.


4. David Beckham

World famous football player also has his legs insured for U.S. $ 70 million.


3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo's legs insured for U.S. $ 144 million, exceeding the transfer fee to be paid Real Madrid where he play for.


2. Jennifer Lopez

Insure the best of her body part, which is her buttocks with a value between U.S. $ 27-800 million. J.Lo body rates even estimated to U.S. $ 1 M as part of breast insured for U.S. $ 200 million, U.S. $ 50 million for hair and 54.4 kg of her body mass, per kilogram of body of U.S. $ 18.4 million. This makes J.Lo nicknamed as $ 1 M doll, but it was denied by J. Lo spokesman, which said  the next body part only insured for U.S. $ 200 million and the back two-fold.



1. Mariah Carey

Carey's legs insured parts worth U.S. $ 1 M, a source revealed that the insurance value reflects the popularity of a Mariah Carey. Mariah himself thought the insurance for her legs to avoid undesirable things happen which able to destroy her beauty.

That's not a typo, folks. Mariah Carey recently insured her gams for one-fucking-billion dollars. The policy was taken out after Mariah was awarded Gillette's "Legs of a Goddess" award and, according to a spokesperson, "the sum reflects her popularity." To further reflect her legs' popularity, Gillette had an extremely fucking bizarre statue of her legs made to commemorate what must be the biggest award ever in the career of one of the best-selling female musicians of all time.



Another Notes

Holly Madison has insured her breasts for 7-figures, Dolly Parton's boobs are insured for $600,000, Mariah Carey's legs are covered for $1 billion and more!

For some celebs their body -- or parts, at least -- are worth big bucks. And that's why these stars have taken out insurance.

Those lovelies are worth a million bucks. For real.

Hugh hefner's ex, Holly Madison, just took out a seven-figure policy insuring her breasts.

The playboy hottie and star of the vegas production peepshow said -- quote -- "i thought i'd protect my assets." ... By protecting her front-set.

Dolly parton's also known for her top shelf -- and that led the country singer to insure the gals to the tune of 600-grand.

Sexy legs, right? They belong to Mariah Carey and were covered for a whopping one billion dollars back in 2006.

That's the same sum of money Jennifer Lopez was said to have insured her whole body for in '99. While no one would confirm the story back then and J-Lo laughed off the rumors, we're pretty sure we know which part would've been most costly to cover.

Finally, the boss wouldn't be the boss without his signature vocal style, and so that's why Bruce Springsteen has 5.7-million-dollar coverage protecting his pipes.


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